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    போலந்து அழகி வசமாகியது 2021 உலக அழகி பட்டம்

    கோவிட் - 19 (COVID 19) பெருந்தொற்றுநோய் காரணமாக ஒத்திவைக்கப்பட்டிருந்த 2021 ஆண்டிற்கான உலக அழகி போட்டி தென் அமெரிக்காவின் (South America) போர்ட்டோ ரிக்கோவில் (Puerto Rico) நடைபெற்றது.

    போலாந்தின் (Poland) கெரோலினா பெலாவ்ஸ்கி (Karolina Bielawska) என்ற அழகியே 2021 உலக அழகி (Miss World) பட்டத்தினை வென்றுள்ளார்.

    இதில் இரண்டாவது இடத்தை இந்திய வம்சாவளியைச் சேர்ந்த அமெரிக்கரான ஸ்ரீ ஷைனி (Shree Saini) பெற்றார்.

    Poland’s Karoline Bielawska has been crowned Miss World 2021 in the pageant held in Puerto Rico. 

    Indian-American Shree Saini from the United States bagged the first runner-up title, followed by Olivia Yace from Cote d’Ivoire as the second runner-up.

    India’s Manasa Varanasi made it to the top 13, but did not get selected in the top 6 winners list. The coronation took place at the Coca-Cola Music Hall in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

    According to the Miss World Organisation, Karolina is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Management and would like to continue her studies with a PhD. She also works as a model, and hopes to become a motivational speaker one day.

    In a post on their Instagram account, the Miss World Organisation wrote that Karolina is passionate about the voluntary work that she is involved in. Her Beauty with a Purpose project, called Zupa Na Pietrynie, provides constant help to homeless people in crisis, raises awareness of this problem, and fights against social exclusion. Every Sunday, the project aims to provide hot meals, food packages, drinks, clothing, masks, law advice and professional medical support for almost 300 people in need in Lodz, a city in Poland.

    After being crowned Miss World, Karolina said, “When I heard my name I was shocked, I still can’t believe it. I am honoured to wear the Miss World crown and can’t wait to get to work. I will remember this amazing chapter in Puerto Rico for the rest of my life.”


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